Let's Face It, Most of Your Clients Are Lost, They're Struggling and Looking to YOU to Help Them Get To Where They Want To Go.

Would You Rather Get Them There On A Guess or Would You Rather Use An Accurate, Reliable and Detailed MAP That Would GUARANTEE Results While Delivering An Extraordinary Experience?


Discover 5 Reasons Why The FIT System Academy Certification Programs Will Have You Fall Back In Love With Your Business and Make You a Lot of Money in the Process


Reason #1 - A Completely Holistic Approach

The reasons your clients are struggling (and why you’re so frustrated and burned out) have nothing to with  industry’s favourite mantra of ‘eating too much and moving too little’ and everything to do with the brain having poor MAPS that enable clients (and their coaches) to know exactly where they are in terms of their individual psychological, biomechanical, hormonal and digestive pathways.

Without this specific information, all approaches to coaching, exercise, nutrition, digestion and hormone function improvement are based upon guesswork or one-size-fits-all methodologies… and we all know how well THEY work, right?

FIT System Academy courses are the first to provide coaches and trainers with a means to accurately MAP clients so that their journey is faster, easier and more enjoyable than traditional PT approaches.


Reason #2 - Six Year Old Simple, Yet Scientifically Sound

Because our system of MAPPING is a super-simple approach to some pretty in-depth scientific research and knowledge that most trainers don’t even know exists, let alone know how to use practically. We’ve done all the ‘heavy lifting’ of studying the science, testing it on clients, adding more of what works and ripping away what doesn’t to arrive at a very unique, uncomplicated yet scientifically validated means of accelerating client results.

We like to say that we make science ‘six year old simple’ because we’re able to explain complex topics such as brain science, neurology, motor programming, endocrinology, digestive function and much more besides in ways that EVERYONE ‘gets’ without taking away from the science or ‘dumbing down’ the very important knowledge base we teach from.

If you’re sick of courses where you feel like you haven’t learned anything or, on the other hand, where everything felt over your head, then you’ll LOVE our programs!


Reason #3 - A Complete System You Can Use The Next Day

So many times when you attend a program from a course provider, you’re left with the problem of how to utilise what you’ve learned with your clients. Worse, you’re often left more confused than you were before you attended because some of what you’ve been taught runs in opposition to what you’ve already been doing.

Frustrating, right?

We address that simply by giving you complete solutions that, just like the MAPs themselves, are easily added to your current business models as either enhancements to or replacements for what you’re already doing.

You simply take what we teach you and ‘plug and play’ them into your business… IMMEDIATELY.

In fact, for us, one of the signs of how impactful our programs are is that our students can complete a weekend module and then implement what they’ve been taught right away on Monday morning with no fuss or fluster. Not many program can deliver that!


Reason #4 - A True Education & Career Path

One of the harder aspects of educating yourself as a fitpro is knowing what sequence to educate yourself in with regards the various knowledge, skills and abilities courses available.

Because of this, we’re often signing up for educational programs in the wrong order, just guessing at what we should do next and missing out on vital pieces of information that could make ALL the difference to our clients results and to our business success as a result.

The FIT System Academy doesn’t allow this to happen as we’ve built our MAP’s into an sequence that brings about rapid learning and deep knowledge acquisition by laying down the fundamental sciences within each MAP pathway.

All three pathways (The MindMAP Pathway, The BodyMAP Pathway and The BioMAP pathway) are laid out as progressive programs that each build upon and complement each other so that your learning is cross-disciplinary.

Many of the same concepts will come up again and again in each pathway but will, of course, have a more detailed application related to the content you are learning at the time.

In addition, we recommend that you attend the programs in the following order:

As you can see, we’ve created a program of education where nothing is left out and nothing is left to chance. Just join a pathway and the entire route is planned out to ensure the best possible learning (and earning) experience for you.


Reason #5 - Pay Once, Re-attend Free... Forever

The fitness industry has engineered it so that you have to keep on giving them money over and over and over again, often for pretty poor education programs, just to get your CEC or CPD points to stay on some register or another. It’s easy money for them, of course, they have customers for life, for if you don’t get your points then you don’t re-qualify.

We’ve done away with that here at The FIT System Academy. It just never seemed fair.

So when you sign up for a certification program with us, you’ll only ever pay for the program once and once only. After that, if you wish to re-attend then you’ll go on our register of re-attenders who are invited to take up any available seats on any course they’ve already attended, without having to pay a penny.

This is a GREAT way of keeping your skills sharp and of continuing your education as our programs grow and change (even if only by a little) almost every time we deliver them due to the constant research we’re doing. You get to benefit from that and as a reward for your loyalty to our programs, we get to offer something that the industry probably never will.

Ask your old course providers if they’ll let you back for free and see what they say…