What If There Was A Way To Get Your Clients and Patients Stronger, Improve Their Range Of Motion and DRAMATICALLY Reduce (Or Even Completely Remove Their Pain… In Minutes or Even Seconds?

Using The Latest Cutting-Edge Research in The Fields Of Pain, Physical Function and Neuroscience, BodyMAP Makes All The Above Not Only Possible, But Highly Probable Too!

If you’re a personal trainer, performance coach, body worker, therapist or pain-worker of any kind, you no doubt got into your line of work to help your clients to live happier, healthier and more functional lives where pain, restriction and weakness are replaced by the comfort, freedom and strength of a healthy, happy body that’s free of limitation.

Along the way you’ve probably picked up numerous ‘skills and drills’ in terms of various kind of stretching, myofascial release, PNF, MET, ART, deep tissue massage and other ‘hands on’ technical skills that allow you to reduce pain and restriction and increase range of motion and strength and, like most who work with clients and patients on a daily basis you’ve probably narrowed your stretches, therapies and treatment intervention to a tiny handful that seem to bring about the greatest results in the greatest number of people most of the time they’re applied.

But, also like most trainers and therapists, you’ve probably noticed several rather frustrating elements of even your most favourite and trusted approach:

  • They tend to take more and more time and physical effort and yet seem to produce less and less of a result in terms of improvement over time
  • The results are often erratic, working DRAMATICALLY for some and not at all for others despite applying the exact same technique to the best of your ability
  • The benefits of the stretch or treatment seem to disappear at an alarming increasing pace with each treatment, with clients and patients often getting mere hours or minutes of respite from pain or of increased performed instead of the days and even weeks you’d expect
  • The pain, restriction or weakness seems to ‘jump about’ the body and no sooner do you improve one area than another area starts to flare up, reduce range or become weak

If you’ve even a moderate amount of time and experience of working with people to get them out of pain and into performance, these four common frustrations will no doubt be VERY familiar to you and, no doubt, be the element of your work that causes you the most dissatisfaction.

But What If You Were Able To Put An End To All Of That Dissatisfaction, Frustration and Uncertainty Around Your Clients’ Results In One Fell Swoop?


The BodyMAP Coach Certification

Above and beyond anything that you or your clients may want to do with their bodies; run faster, lift heavier, hold their yoga poses longer or reduce their pain levels there is a question that the brain MUST have answered before it allows these functions to go ahead.

If it gets the answer it wants, the answer it NEEDS, then you get to unlock the potential within the body and use it to improve how it looks, feels and performs, but if you don’t…

…well, if you don’t, the body keeps all of its gifts, it slows you down, re

stricts your movement, weakens your muscles and, if necessary, creates pain in order to set you about the task of ensuring the answer is the one it wants.

The question?

"Is This Safe?"

The brain’s primary operating system is one of putting safety ahead of growth, of putting survive before thrive and so everything the body comes into contact with as it goes about the business of daily living is run through a system of safety that neuroscientists call ‘neuroception‘ and that we simply call ‘The Threat Matrix’.

The nervous system uses the senses to pick up information about the environment and checks what they learn against the Threat Matrix to create MAPS of movement.

If the MAPS are clear then the brain ‘releases the brakes’ on the body and allows faster speeds, bigger ranges and heavier loads through the body, letting your clients explore, grow and thrive in the environment they live in.

But With A Blurry MAP…

If the MAP is blurry because the senses aren’t bringing back high quality information to the brain then it registers this as a survival risk and does everything in its power to slow you down, restrict your movement and ensure that you don’t lift and carry loads that would make it harder for you to survive your environment.

A pretty clever and complex system really, but one that is very simple to understand, assess and address… if you know what you’re looking for, of course!

BodyMAP Helps Trainers, Therapists, Coaches and Pain Workers To Help Their Clients To Release Their Brakes And Use Their Full Pain-Free Function By Assessing And Addressing Their Sensory Systems And Creating Clearer MAPS.

Here’s How…

The BodyMAP Threat Matrix!

The BodyMAP threat matrix is our way of helping the brain answer the ‘is it safe?’ question by assessing the individual sensory elements that are responsible for movement-based neuroception (the MindMAP and BioMAP deal with the psychological and digestive/hormonal MAPS separately) and then using this information to create MAPPING drills that make the brain’s picture of its environment clearer.

We achieve this by assessing and addressing the following sensory systems and qualities:

At the top of the threat hierarchy lies the respiratory system. Any dysfunction or impairment here creates an IMMEDIATE and POWERFUL ‘threat picture’ in the brain that can create pain, weakness join restriction in even the most far removed of joints, muscles and organs.

Learn how to ‘assess and address’ the respiratory system with these simple drills that let the brain know it’s safe and the body go back to full, unimpaired function… FAST!

The respiratory system is perhaps THE most under-utilised tool in the pain and performance worker’s toolbox but after the course, it won’t be anymore!

Our eyes are our primary means of assessing our environment for safety and so any impairment in terms of peripheral vision, depth of field, focal ability and the over function of visual sensory information IMMEDIATELY sets of threat alarms in the brain that can lead to pain and restriction.

During the course of these 2 days we’ll teach you how 3 different ways to assess for visual field function and how to incorporate a series of simple yet VERY POWERFUL drills that will reduce threat and ‘wake up’ the visual field of your clients’ in mere seconds so that pain reduces and function increases.

The vestibular system poses one of the larger threats to the body and so has a HUGE influence on the activation of the functional alarm systems of the brain. After all, poor balance results in increase likelihood of falls, injury and even death and so the brain simply HAS TO deal with impairment here in a way that you’ll take notice of.

During the course of these 2 days we’ll teach you three different assessments of the vestibular system and the means to address and correct it through a handful of high payoff drills that are easy to apply to your clients to bring about rapid improvement.

Knowing where you are, where the objects in your environment are, how fast they are moving, how fast you are moving and at what point they connect and come together is a vital element of maintaining safety, reducing threat and increasing physical potential.

Think crossing a busy road, running, jumping, driving your car, riding a bike, catching a ball and a million other things that require you to make fine judgements about the space between you and your environments and you’ll soon realise that spatial awareness is a complex sense in its own right… and that any reduction in this sense means a HUGE increase in risk.

During the course we’ll teach you 3 simple yet surprising assessments of spatial function and show you EXACTLY how impairment here is stealing your clients’ function and increasing their pain.

Proprioception refers to the awareness of of your own bodyparts relative to each other and is responsible for a large part of the MAPPING accuracy that makes human function possible.

But when proprioception is reduced or impaired through joint compression, inhibition, facilitation and various forms of ‘sensory amnesia’ the MAP loses clarity and pain, weakness and restriction ensue.

During the course we’ll teach you several simple assessments to help you understand the current proprioceptive status of your clients as well as drills that make the MAP crystal clear… in seconds!

As you can see, BodyMAP is unique in that it offers a no-stone-unturned approach to assessing the quality of information entering the brain, how it’s being perceived and what it means in terms of nociceptive threat.

Not only that, it provides trainers, therapists and pain workers with not only the tools to assess, but to address the MAPPING issues quickly, easily and with minimum fuss.

The results are often stunningly spectacular, seeming almost magical to many, but they’re just a reflection of giving the body what it needs to feel safe in its environment.

What BodyMAP Is Not...

The BodyMAP level 1 program is NOT a postural assessment program.

We DON’T look at the ‘downstream’ effects of postural distortion such as which muscles may be short and tight or long and weak.

We DON’T focus on grading movements like squats and walking as ‘functional’ or ‘non functional’

We DON’T provide specific stretching or ‘corrective exercise’ strategies, use specific ‘trigger point therapies’ or use myofascial release of any kind to get the results we get.

BodyMAP doesn’t try to ‘release’ anything that many trainers and therapists spend a lot of time trying to release either.

Not only do we NOT do these things, we believe that in many cases they may actually be HARMFUL to the client and lead to MORE pain and dysfunction in the long term.

BodyMAP doesn’t do these things because they are all ‘downstream’ and in most cases are merely the effects of the threat matrix trying to keep the body safe. By releasing many of these ‘brakes’ too early, without the sensory systems operating as intended, the very safety mechanisms that the brain is using to warn you of impending danger are ignored and over-ridden and the pain and restriction amplified.

With BodyMAP we use the brain and the senses as the primary ‘upstream’ tools to address the causes of pain and dysfunction and when we do, the effects often just… disappear.

Who Should Attend BodyMAP?

If you work with clients and patient to help them reduce pain, fatigue, anxiety, increase strength, maximise range of motion, accelerate speed or alter the way their body looks, feel or performs in any way, then BodyMAP is definitely for you.

Our courses have had students from all sorts of backgrounds from:

  • Physical Therapists
  • Osteopaths
  • Chiropractors
  • Massage Therapists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chinese Medicine Practitioners

All of whom have reported that they’ve been able to IMMEDIATELY apply their BodyMAP certification skills and drills to their clients and patients with often ‘magical’ effects (their words, not ours).

Regardless of your area of discipline, if you work with human beings to help them get the most out of their bodies and you’re open enough to explore their neurological limitations rather than being stuck in a rut of believing that the problems they face are all about postural distortion, short and tight or long and weak muscles, the BodyMAP program will not fail to impress.

An End To Your Frustrations… For Good!

BodyMAP doesn’t aim to replace an of your existing skills but to augment them, accelerate them, amplify them.

If you’re already an amazing pain worker, performance coach, personal trainer or physical therapist then adding BodyMAP’s neurologically-based approach to your knowledge, skills and abilities will make what you do easier, help the results come faster and last longer so that instead of constantly ‘fire fighting’ the same recurring issues, your clients and patients are on the road to constant improvement.

The resulting success stories will be great for you, your clients and your business.

A true win-win-win scenario!

Course Locations, Dates and Prices

London - 24/25 June 2017

BodyMAP London

London - 27/28 January 2018

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