Sacral Decompression For The Fitness Professional – How To INSTANTLY Reduce Pain And Restore Strength, Flexibility And Function

Here’s your complete home study guide to the sacral decompression techniques taught on the BodyMAP Level 1 program.

This simple yet highly effective protocol has been used to treat thousands of clients suffering from low back, sacrum and hip dysfunctions that result in pain and altered movement patterns.

In this home-study program you’ll learn:

  • How to quickly and easily assess the entire lumbo-pelvic-hip complex to determine what kind of dysfunction is occurring and what to do about it
  • How to reduce ischemia and neurological pain along the sacral borders in seconds and restore natural sacral nutation and counter-nutation movements
  • How to decompress the lumbosacral junction and reduce anterior tilt of the pelvis that creates compression and entrapment in this area
  • How to reduce compression to the femoral head, release the piriformis (without the stretching that adds to the problems in this area) and improve lower quadrant function in minutes
  • How to use the full IDFIAIF series to create the correct inhibition and facilitation relationships between the muscles surrounding the sacrum, the hips and the low back

This 45 minute ‘real time’ follow-along video program will make the whole sacral decompression sequence a piece of cake… and make you look like a miracle worker to you clients!

And all of the very reasonable investment of just £57

(Seriously, you’ll make this back in no time flat with the amazing results your clients will get from this super-simple yet seriously powerful activation sequence)


 P.S – You can even download the video to your iPad or iPhone and carry it with you to your PT and therapy sessions and practice in ‘real time’ if you wish : )


NOTE: This is a digital product comprising of a 45 minute educational video. No ‘hard copy’ product will be shipped to you as a result of this purchase.

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