Shoulder Decompression For The Fitness Professional – How To INSTANTLY Reduce Pain And Restore Strength, Flexibility And Function In The Shoulder

Here’s your complete home study guide to the shoulder decompression techniques taught on the BodyMAP program.

If you have clients who suffer from limited ranges of motion, gleno-humeral pain, scapulo humeral pain, joint restriction (including ‘frozen shoulder’) then you’re going to absolutely LOVE the shoulder decompression education series as it’s without doubt the surest and safest way to bring about restored function, reduced pain and increased mobility and strength that you’ve ever come across.

In this home-study program you’ll learn:

  • How to carry out a simple low-level assessment to identify sites of pain, restriction and compression at the glenohumeral joint
  • How to reduce compression in the glenohumeral joint and in turn reduce the arthrokinetic inhibition that is literally stealing the neurological signals to the shoulder and making it weaker, stiffer and less stable as a result
  • How to to apply a simple, safe and systematic method for releasing the head of the humerus and gaining the kind of range of motion and mobility that often takes months and even years with other methods… in minutes!
  • How to counter the effects of reciprocal inhibition from the overactive and ‘guarded’ muscles that are keeping the shoulder tight and in pain
  • How to use the full IDFIAIF series to create the correct inhibition and facilitation relationships between the muscles surrounding the shoulder, fire up the mid back musculature and IMMEDIATELY make the joint both more mobile and more stable at the same time

This 55 minute ‘real time’ follow-along video program will make the whole shoulder decompression sequence a piece of cake… and make you look like a miracle worker to you clients!

And all of the very reasonable investment of just £57.

This program is one of the ‘magic’ components that deliver the WOW! experience that my business is famous for and that has made the Kinetic Chain Assessment program the talk of the UK fitness industry.

Once you apply what you learn here, you’ll be part of that WOW! too… and your clients will love you for it 🙂



P.S – You can even download the video to your iPad or iPhone and carry it with you to your PT and therapy sessions and practice in ‘real time’ if you wish : )


NOTE: This is a digital product comprising of a 45 minute educational video. No ‘hard copy’ product will be shipped to you as a result of this purchase.

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