Here’s How The MindMAP Coach Certification Program Will DRAMATICALLY Change Your Business & Your Life And Impact The Lives Of Your Clients, Your Community and the WORLD In Ways That Your TRAINING Skillset NEVER Could

Does THIS Story Sound Familiar?

Meet Mary...

She’s 38, recently divorced and mother to a 10-year old daughter.

She works long hours at an Ivy-League accounting firm where she heads up a high-flying team in a high-stress environment.

Mary hates how her body looks and feels and has been struggling to lose the 15lbs of ‘baby weight’ she gained during pregnancy ever since her daughter was born but to no avail.

Every time she loses a few pounds she seems to gain them back again fast…

...and with interest, not helped by the fact that she rarely manages to stick to any new diet or exercise plan beyond a few days (her recent record for adherence was just 9 days… if you don’t count the bar of chocolate she had on day 4 or the bottle of wine at the weekend… but she’d ‘been good’ so she deserved a ‘treat’, right?).

Mary’s biggest problem is that she’s just so tired, so stressed and so burned out that even the thought of starting even something that’ll be good for her, leads to feelings of burden and overwhelm that, right now she just can’t cope with.

The trouble is, it’s ALWAYS ‘right now’ so she’s NEVER really in the right place to start, let alone finish a program.

Of course, her well-meaning friends, family and colleagues tell her to ‘just do it’, to ‘get going’ and that before she knows it she’ll be feeling great, especially once those exercise endorphins kick in and she starts seeing some changes on the scales, the tape measure and in the mirror.

They’re probably right, but she just can’t seem  to either get going or stay going long enough to get to the point where she’s feeling great or seeing results and, worst of all, every time she starts and then quits her attempts to get into shape and take control of her life she feels worse than ever.

Like a complete failure.

Recently she’s started working with a new personal trainer, a lovely girl who comes highly recommended and really seems to know her stuff, but Mary just can’t seem to shake the feeling that her trainer (just like the 3 she’s had before) doesn’t really ‘get’ her.

Oh, she’s a wonderful motivator, full of smiles and good cheer, has a great attitude, helps Mary to set goals, holds her accountable and does all of the other ‘motivational stuff’ a trainer is supposed to do, but she never really seems to take into account just how hard even the smallest changes are for Mary to commit to and apply to her already busy, exhausting, stressful and overwhelmed life.

In fact, one of her favourite and often used lines when she and Mary are talking about her goals is “If you want something bad enough, you’ll do what it takes to get it” which translates in Mary’s ears as “you don’t really want it bad enough” and makes her feel like even more of a failure ever time she hears it.

The thing is, she DOES want it.

She wants it BAD.

So Why Is She Having Such A Hard time Doing What She Needs To Do In Order To Get It??

If you’ve been a fitness professional or health coach for even the shortest time, you’ll know Mary’s story intimately and, probably just like her trainer, you’ve experienced disappointment, frustration and maybe even outright annoyance at clients who just don’t seem to toe-the-line long enough to get results.

And it’s not just those like Mary that you have to deal with, right?

What About...

  • That client that’s constantly needing your motivation or ‘pep talks’ because they still can’t seem to ‘get it right’ and feel like they’re failing?
  • That client that second-guesses and argues with nearly every suggested change you advise… even though they keep telling you that they’re ready to do ANYTHING to get their results?
  • That client that’s either has a habit of disappearing and falling off the face of the earth– having to track them down to get them to come to your training sessions…. or just straight-up says ‘Screw this, I’ve had enough!’ (and quits)?
  • That client that promises you that they’re ‘doing everything right’ yet who then proceeds to tell you about each of the ‘tiny slip-ups’ they’ve made since you last saw them… and there have been loads!
  • That client that’s always trying ‘something new’. Coming to you telling you about the new meal plan she got off of Pinterest, the new celebrity workout they have been using from their favourite magazine or that new tactic that everyone’s talking about that could be ‘the one’?

You’ve got ‘that client’, I’m sure.

Loads of them, most probably.

Every trainer has.

And it’s DAMNED frustrating knowing that you are giving the people you care about your BEST tools and your BEST love and care… and STILL not getting through to them the way you want to – still not taking them to whatever ‘Promised Land’ they say they want be taken to.

It’s a shame because you’ve spent a fortune on building up your knowledge, skills and abilities as a trainer, learning how to perform high level fitness, strength and postural assessments, you’ve studied all kinds of nutritional strategies and approaches and you’ve attended every kind of training and programming course out there from sandbags to medicine balls to kettlebells to olympic lifting and beyond.

You KNOW you’re good at what you do and you KNOW that what you do works… but you also know that despite (or perhaps because of) your immense technical knowledge, there are many, many people you seem unable to help in the longer term.

Yes, they all seem to get great results in the short term but get beyond 30-60 days and nearly all of them plateau, regress and stagnate.

Frustrating as hell, isn’t it?

After all, you got into this profession to help people and there’s nothing, Nothing, NOTHING so frustrating to a trainer as seeing someone NOT getting the help they need, right?

Trouble is, up to now, the approaches we’ve been using to try and get Mary (and the multitude of others like her) the results she desires have relied almost exclusively on goal setting and motivational techniques that are well intended yet oversimplified to the point of being ineffective and have no basis in the science of human behavioural change whatsoever.

Worse still, many of those approaches end up becoming downright HARMFUL to our clients over time.

Yes, You Read That RIGHT, Personal Training Clients (Perhaps Even YOURS) Are Being Harmed By The Motivational Approaches Currently Being Employed By those Being Paid To Help Them

Shocker, right?

You might be thinking “That’s impossible! There’s no way that my motivation techniques could be harming my clients” and, you know, you may be right.

Maybe YOUR clients are getting exactly what they need in order to help them maintain and grow their self-belief and self-esteem.

Unfortunately though, for the vast majority, that’s not the case.

Each poorly designed journey toward achieving a goal leads to increased likelihood of failure and each failure has an impact on self-esteem and self-belief to the degree that people start to give up before they even start with the knock-on effect of giving up being one of powerlessness and a belief that ‘this is just how it is and how it has to be’.

People come to believe that they must just be too lazy, too weak-willed or just not want their results badly enough…

…and unfortunately, many trainers come to believe the same.

Both parties have got it wrong.

Your Clients Aren’t Struggling And Stuck Because They’re Lazy, Weak-Willed Or Self-Sabotaging…

…They’re Struggling Because They Are LOST And Under THREAT!

Sounds a bit weird when you first hear that, right?

After all, we normally reserve the word ‘threat’ for when we’re in danger and  as personal trainers and health & fitness professionals we tend not to think of daily life as being particularly dangerous for ourselves or our clients.

But we’re wrong!

That threat, that danger is all around, all the time.

EVERY time a client tells you they feel overwhelmed they are speaking the language of threat.

EVERY time a client tells you that they are anxious  about something they are speaking the language of threat.

EVERY time a client tells you that they are stressed they are speaking the language  of threat.

And EVERY TIME a client is experiencing threat they respond to it in just one of three ways:

  • Fight.
  • Flight.
  • Freeze

Sound familiar?

It should!

Most of your clients are likely exhibiting one, two or all three behaviours to you on a regular basis, alternating between outright fighting your advice, avoiding it, running away and ‘making excuses’ or getting stuck in ‘I’ll start Monday’ syndrome because they’re frozen.

Once again, these clients aren’t lazy, they’re not weak-willed, they’re not deliberately setting out to self-sabotage, they’re simply reacting to threat (real or perceived makes no difference) in EXACTLY the way that the brain and central nervous system has been designed to.

Trouble is, most personal trainers aren’t even aware that the brain is trying to help, they’re not aware that the threat reactions are survival mechanisms that can’t be over-ridden easily and they’re certainly not aware that many of the exercise, dietary and lifestyle changes that they recommend actually PUSH their clients further INTO threat-based reaction and OUT OF rational, cognitive thought and behaviour change…

…In Other Words, They’re Not Aware That They’re Making Things WORSE!

And that’s certainly not meant to point the finger of blame at the in-the-trenches fitpros out there.

Most are doing the very best they can with the skillsets and tools that they’re been given.

Trouble is the tools aren’t the right ones for the job and so the skills developed around their use don’t really make much of a difference. Not to the client and not to the coach who sees most of their efforts go to waste.

See, you can’t motivate a client out of threat.

It simply doesn’t work because the brain doesn’t work that way.

And you can talk about ‘positive mindset’ all you want but that doesn’t matter during threat either because while under threat the part of the brain responsible for positive, rational and cognitive processes is shut down in favour of those parts of the brain responsible for survival.

And so, instead of being directed, focused, motivated and inspired, clients feel threatened and… LOST.

And let’s face it, no amount of ‘eat less, move more’ is going to get them back on track and neither is goal-setting, positive thinking or any of the other stuff our industry has tended to rely on for the last decade or so.

If any of that worked it would have made a HUGE difference to a HUGE number of people by now, but the reality is that the number of people struggling with their weight, their health and their self-esteem is RISING, not falling, despite our best efforts at using what we’ve been trained to use.

For the vast majority of people, personal training isn’t working to create lasting change… our clients are STILL lost. But…

Imagine If You Had A MAP That Could Show You EXACTLY Why Your Clients Are Struggling, Stuck and Lost and EXACTLY What They Need To Do To Get Unstuck and Create AMAZING Results While Having And EXTRAORDINARY Experience…

Imagine If That MAP Were Super-Simple To Read, Super-Simple To Understand And Super-Simple To Use With Your Clients So That You Could Get SUPER RESULTS Fast and Keep Them In The Long Term…


The MindMAP Coach Certification

The tough reality of the personal training, fitness and coaching world is that despite having more knowledge and skills in the areas of exercise and nutrition than ever before, we’re still not getting through to our clients in ways that allow them to enjoy the experience of getting their results or inspiring them to keep them in the long term.

In other words; we’re failing in our primary roles as facilitators of long-term transformation.

That’s why I created the MindMAP coaching certification program, to help trainers and health coaches develop the skills that will allow them dramatically change the lives of the clients they work with and continue to do so in the long-term.

Despite What The Fitness Industry Has Led You To Believe, There’s More To Being A Great Coach Than Motivation And Goal Setting… MUCH More!

There’s a hell of a lot more to creating true and lasting change than learning to set SMART goals (in fact, during the MindMAP program you’ll learn why SMART goals are truly DUMB!) and getting a bunch of ‘connect the dots’, ‘to-do’ items in place for your clients.

A LOT more!

In fact, pretty much every technique, tactic and strategy that has become the mainstay of the personal trainers’ ‘success toolkit’ has been based around the strategies used to motivate athletes to perform better at their chosen sports, yet ignores the biggest (and most vital) difference between the overwhelming majority of personal training clients and their athlete counterparts…

…Athletes WANT to train, they WANT to train hard and they are motivated, inspired and DRIVEN to do whatever it takes to win at their chosen discipline.

So a coach has a pretty easy time, no?

Just tell the athlete that what you’re about to give them will increase their chances of winning and they’re motivated, read, willing and able to literally ATTACK their training and diet.

Compare and contrast that with the average personal training client and you’ll soon see that these same approaches are not only ineffective but actually harmful.

After all, most of your clients are the EXACT opposite to athletes in their feelings around exercise, diet and hard work.

What is motivating to the athlete is stressful and threatening to the average client so NO WONDER they don’t stick to the plans they’re set!

So there’s a lot more to being a great coach and helping your clients get amazing results that just writing them challenging programs and kicking their butts until they’re in shape (but if you’re a good coach, you knew that already).

The truth is, a great coach is practically NONE of the things that personal trainers have been using to measure their success against over the years…

Can you see now why so much of what trainers have thought of as coaching and as ‘motivation’ has tended to fail and land flat on it’s ass along with the clients’ hopes and dreams and results?

We’ve been thinking we’ve been coaching when in reality, we’ve not really been coaching at all!

What a great coach REALLY is, is someone who understands both the workings of the human brain and the human mind (they are distinctly different) and what gets in the way of the optimal functioning of both.

This takes skill and that skill comes from understanding, practicing and using some fairly simple strategies in a some fairly simple sequences.

What I’m saying here is that coaching isn’t rocket science but it DOES require an acute sense of timing, of knowing when to push, when to pull, when to challenge, when to retreat and when not to say anything at all.

In fact, most of the truly life-changing coaching I’ve witnessed and performed has been hallmarked by the judicious use of silence.

The good news is that ALL of this is trainable, teachable, learnable and can be trained, taught and learned rapidly when the right system of education is used.

And that, at long last, is the point of this rather lengthy message…

The MindMAP Coach Certification Is Now Accepting Students Who Want To Take Their Influence And Impact To ‘Next Level’ Proportions And DRAMATICALLY Change The Lives Of Their Clients Far Faster and Easier Than They Ever Felt Possible…

…And YOU Could Be One Of Them!

During the 2 power-packed days of the MindMAP Coach Certification Program I’ll be sharing not only the time-tested and PROVEN coaching strategies and systems that I’ve been teaching to coaches for the last 10 years, but also including a TON of all-new coaching elements that I’ve never shared on my 2-day certifications before in ways that can be applied to clients and their health challenges and struggles IMMEDIATELY, as in, the very next day!

I know this is an over-used term and one that’s often used to hype things up but honestly, the material I’m planning on sharing with MindMAP certification attendees will ‘blow them away’ with both the simplicity, the effectiveness and the impact it’ll have on not only their clients but on themselves and their businesses too!

Now, if you have any coaching skills or background whatsoever then you may think you already 'know all this stuff’ but I promise you that even if you know it intellectually, you’re probably not doing the things that are being taught in this program in practical ways that truly connect with your clients at the deepest level.

You see, coaching isn’t about simply hammering home instructions again and again or setting goals and the like.

It’s got very little to do with any of the things that most trainers think it’s about.

The simple truth is, most of what personal trainers refer to as coaching really isn’t.

That isn’t meant to be unkind or to be judgemental of trainers who are working their asses off to help their clients, it’s simply the reflection of a simple observation about what REAL coaching is.

MindMAP Coaching Is About Nothing Less Than Helping Your Clients To Dramatically Transform Their LIVES, Not Just their bodies

So here’s the deal; across 2 VERY intensive days I’ll be taking those who attend through a complete no-stone-unturned system of coaching that will help you to become a powerful centre of influence in the lives of your clients, helping to them to refine, define and align with the greatest version of the grandest vision they hold of what their lives could become.

In short, during these 2 days you will learn to become your clients most trusted advisor and most valuable asset on their journey to living the life of their dreams.

This goes WAY beyond a workout and WAY beyond a diet and not only impacts upon the lives of your clients but will impact upon YOURS too, I promise you.

Imagine waking up every single day KNOWING that you’re making a difference, KNOWING that you’re changing lives and KNOWING that your clients love and respect you for your contribution.

Imagine too, being paid every penny you’re worth… sounds good, right? It’ll rarely happen as a trainer but as a coach, as a GREAT coach, this is an everyday experience.

I know… amazing, right?

So look, if you KNOW that you’re currently experiencing coaching your clients toward transformation as more of a challenge and a struggle than you feel it should be, if you KNOW that your clients are getting far less from you than they could be, if you KNOW that your mojo is being stolen from you day by day and if you KNOW that you want more, SO much more, from your career and your life than you’ve had up til now then you’ll LOVE the MindMAP Coaching Certification Program and you’ll LOVE where it takes you in your client experience IMMEDIATELY after the program finishes. I mean that literally.

The very next day, your MindMAP skills will start serving you and your clients lives (and yours!) better.

And all you have to do to experience this amazing effect is attend… and do the work whilst attending, of course!

How Do You Know If MindMAP Coaching Is Right For You?

Well, of course, I have a bias and a vested interest in telling you that EVERYONE is a good fit for this program right?

After all, I’m trying to fill out my course, but the reality of the matter is that I only want attendees who are going to come, learn and USE the material I teach to become truly AWESOME coaches and change their clients lives as a result.

But, you know, the certification isn’t just for trainers who are struggling (though of course, it’ll definitely help these trainers the most), the program goes way beyond struggles and goes to the very highest levels of performance and is especially helpful for those trainers and coaches who work with those people seeking that… ‘edge’, that’ll take them on to the next level.

And if you’re not a fitness professional and want to attend anyway?

Well, the program was originally built with fitpros in mind because I come from a fitpro background but the truth is, the MindMAP program is a multi-disciplinary approach that can be used for increasing performance in so many areas that I’ve been seeing attendances from more and more non-fitness people over the last few years and ALL have told the same story of success with their families, clients, patients, congregations and more…

In short, ANYONE who wants to gain greater levels of influence and connection can benefit from this certification, though of course, we’ve aimed it at those who plan to make a living from the skills we’ll be teaching.

And a GREAT living at that!

So, What Do You Actually GET By Attending The MindMAP Coaching Certification?

Yes, you get a place at an incredible 2-days of intensive instruction and practice with yours truly and, of course you’ll get your manuals, slides and other resources that you can use to continue your study and practice afterwards, but you get a lot more than that!

In Addition To The On-Site Training and Education, You’ll Receive 12 Weeks Practical Experience Of Both Coaching and BEING Coached Using The MindMAP Protocols So That you Get To Feel The Awesome Power Of The System As Both A Client AND A Coach.

So we've reached that point where, I guess, you need to decide if gaining the knowledge, skills and abilities of a world-class coach are for you… or not!

And this isn’t one of those situations where I'm going to pile on a ton of bonuses or discounts or any of that other stuff that tends to go on around fitness certifications.

In short, I know the value of what I’ll be teaching you over these 2 days and I KNOW that once YOU start using it that things are going to change for you, your clients and your businesses… and fast!

I've told you what the course is, what it isn’t, who it’s for, who it’s NOT for and what you’ll learn, what you’ll get and how you’ll benefit by attending.

I've pretty much think I’ve told you it all, no?

So finally it’s comes down to price.

I won’t do the whole ‘bonus and discount’ thing, it’s just not my style.

Nor is the ‘if you only get 1 client’ thing either.

So how about I just tell you the price and let YOU decide if transforming your career and your life is worth what I’m asking or not?

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